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Our photography portfolio is handled through our mobile photography service provided by ISO-STUDIOS.CO.UK .    ISO-STUDIOS caters for clients with either commercial / non-commercial or amateur projects.

Photography Portfolio

Search Engine Marketing (aka SEM) has become the buzzphrase that is now heard all over the place. Here we provide an exact definition of what it refers to, and how it relates to both Web Search and Web Marketing and how 2M Digital Media Limited can help you achieve your online […]

SEO/SEM/What’s it all about?

It never ceases to amaze me how daft some laws are…The EU Cookie Directive is just one such law…Compliance is necessary but stupid. Have a watch of this video to see what it’s all about…it’s easy to digest.

1 or 2 Cookies with your tea?

2M Digital Media will provide you with a domain name, hosting, email, development and design a website for you or your business at an amazing cost of only £150 for 12 months....or put another way, it's the equivalent of £12.50 per month for 12 months..

Lets “Cut the bull eh?”